Flashing Roller Skates - Green

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- Versatile toy for all children. Recommended for ages 6 - 14 years old.
- The wheels have LEDs that light up during fast movement.
- Straps onto shoes.
- Tighten any loose screws with a star screwdriver before and after use.
- There are 2 settings so the fit can be widened to accommodate larger-sized shoes.
- Stylish appearance and flashing colourful wheels.

- Very simple and convenient for installation
- To be worn with sports shoes and used like skating wheels
- Exercise the arm, waist and leg, adjust your body balance
- Easy-learning, skate freely and turns flexibly blinking lights on wheels easy to use
- The wheel on both sides will give off the attractive flash while running
- The hub material: imported PU, with high elasticity and high wear resistance
- Fixed rod and screw rod: oxidation process, high rust prevention
- Bearing: owing to high-strength carbon steel bearing, it is smooth and no resistance
- Elasticity: high elasticity and toughness, no deformation, and not loss of elasticity
- It is easy to control the body center, so it is suitable for beginners

Category Kids