Foldable Sink

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- Portable: Double carry handles means easy and comfortable to carry from the sink to the counter.

- Collapsible: Designed for a 3 in 1 convenient cutting board, space-saving, easy storage, and easy travel.

- Multi-function & Versatile: Wash, strain, and chop all your veggies and fruits all in one. Great for storing all your prep work. Store a big salad or fruit basket for your next big gathering.

- Evacuation: Its one-click evacuation system will allow you to evacuate the water used for cleaning your food in a few seconds by filtering the larger pieces.

- Durable over time: Designed with very resistant materials and safe for food contact, it can last up to 10 years in good condition.

- Easy to clean: A sponge stroke will suffice to clean this Multi-function Board. In addition, the material used in manufacturing does not retain outdoors

Category Camping