Fruit Dryer Food Dehydrator

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- Mechanical control, manual free adjustment, 35-70 degrees, eight - speed control.

- 360° circulating heating can quickly dry food. Hot air blows out from the air outlet of the ring fan, and the air circulates from bottom to top, greatly improving the drying efficiency.

- Annular fan outlet, the wind from the upward cycle blowing, heat fast enough, more energy saving and efficiency.

- The cooling hole at the bottom can better protect the service life of the machine.

- The bottom is provided with three sturdy non-slip foot pads to make the operation more safe.

- Heating wire, double protection design, automatic temperature control.



Wind circulation: 360° circulation is heated

Rated voltage: 220V

Switch type: Rotation control

Rated frequency: 50hz

Material: food grade ABS material

Power: 350w

Height: 45mm

Number of floors: five floors (each floor 45mm)

Temperature control: 35-70°C

Plug: US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug

Category Kitchen