Jumbo Ice Bail Tray

ZAR 160.00

This jumbo ice ball tray makes six large 2.5" inch spheres of ice balls that are slower melting than traditional ice cubes for whiskey. It's proven that round ice lasts longer.

A fine aged whiskey deserves to be treated like gold and this ice ball adds that touch of class to your glass. It can also be used for other beverages, for Iced Coffee and for long lasting iced Tea, Ideal for kids' lemon popsicles; Elegant for Punch Bowls.

Another way to use this tray is to fill the ice ball mould with soda, herbs, fruit or juice to enhance any beverage and to have a little ice ball cube tray fun.


  • Slows down the dilution of beverages
  • Forms the largest ice balls in its class
  • Funnel opening and fill lines for easy filling
  • Stackable design to make large batches
  • Store ice balls for future use
  • Can be used with any beverages
  • Flexible bottom for easy release

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