Nano Skin Mist Sprayer

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- Moisturize and Refresh your Skin: This small face nano mister is suitable for all skin types to hydrate and keep your face, body, hair etc healthy.
- Restoration: Can stimulate the skin after sunburn or when pores open or skin feels painful and itchy. Turn on the product for a few minutes, use it on the affected area, your skin will recover quickly.
- All Seasons Usage: This handy portable face steamer sprayer makes you feel relaxed and cool on a hot day, and helps the skin stay hydrated during the winter season.
- Easy Steps To Use, Pocket size: Just fill it up with water, push down the switch, and then it automatically sends out a nice mist. The handy steamer is a mini size, you can put it in your handbag, purse, schoolbag, and even pockets and use it anytime for quick skin hydration.
- 30ml water tank: A box of water can be used more than 100 times on one charge

- Do not use alkaline products containing mercury or acid
- Do not spray into your eyes
- Mineral water is recommended for this product
- Charge for 2 hours

What's in the box
1 x Nano Sprayer
1 x USB Cable

Category Women