Stainless Steel Trousers Frame

ZAR 150.00

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  1. ✅ Material: Stainless and pp plastic are tightly fixed and they are very durable as much as 44 lbs.
  2. ✅ Space Saving : Horizontal and vertical. Hanger can be used conveniently in two ways. When horizontal, you can take out your pants, and when vertically, it is perfectly space-efficient.
  3. ✅ Additional function Our multi-functional hanger has a special part in the plastic frame where you can hang a hole size 9 mm. It is strong enough to withstand up to 44 lbs and is easy to carry when traveling or going out.
  4. ✅ Anti Slip Cap The non-slip cap not only keeps the pants steady, but also keeps the end of the stainless steel safe.
  5. ✅ This perfect size multi-functional hanger is not only solid but also very space-efficient. Make sure to use our convenient and perfect hanger

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