Washing Machine And Fridge Trolley Base

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This adjustable multi-functional movable base for electrical appliances can be used as a base for washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, etc. With this pad you can easily move the household appliances, and at the same time, it is protected from water and damage because they are raised above the ground.

- Adjustable
- Ultra strong hardness
- Easy to navigate with 360 degree four wheels
- Material : PA66, rubber universal wheels, metal powder coating tube
- Load: 130 Kg Maximum
- Function: Smooth and firm, adjustable dimension and convenient movement
- Quality: Ultra-strong rigidness resistance and anti-corrosion
- Can be used for fridges, washing machine & Dishwashers
- Maintains ventilation of the bottom of the objects
- Anti-moisture, anti-rust and easy to be moved and cleaned.
- Smooth and firm, adjustable dimension and convenient movement
- Maximum Stretch : 56 x 56 cm x 10 cm
- Maximum Trolley Weight: 1.88 kg

What's in the box
1 x Adjustable Fridge/Machine Trolley

Category Kitchen